From mountains to medinas, rugged coastlines to the mighty Sahara, Morocco is fascinating and diverse with influences from Berber, Arabian and European cultures. It has cosmopolitan Mediterranean cities, mountain villages lost in time and desert kasbahs. Friendly people and plenty of scope for adventure make Morocco an enticing destination.

  • Temperature: 36-20°C
  • Tropical climate
  • Arid desert
  • Orange sand desert
  • Geological formations
  • Mountain ranges
  • Busy souks
  • Hospitable people
  • Andalusian music


Trek through the stunning High Atlas Mountains experiencing breathtaking views. Visit the Bedouin after a camel safari over the Sahara. Wander through the Marrakech souks and sample tasty tagine dishes.

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I loved experiencing the different culture but one of the main things I enjoyed about being on the expedition was making new friends and being part of a team.

Student 2019