Consisting largely of a 5,180 foot plateau with upland steppe plains, Mongolia’s amazing landscape also consists of semidesert, desert and densely forested mountains. The country’s nomadic culture is famous and traditional gers (huts) are still a feature of local culture. The sparse human population means that flora and fauna flourishes from wildflowers on the meadows to bears and wolverines in the forests.

  • Temperature: 11-26°C
  • Sunny year round
  • Continental climate
  • Steppe plains
  • Desert
  • Forested mountains
  • Throat singing
  • Nomadic lifestyle
  • Family focused


Absorb the amazing culture and traditions, experience horse games, archery, wrestling and visit local nomads. Wonder at camels, yaks and horses in their natural habitat. Enjoy the stunning scenery from lakes to snowy peaks.

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I found meeting the nomads and experiencing the local culture and environment in Mongolia extremely interesting. It was incredibly eye opening to see a culture completely different to my own and it is something I will remember for the rest of my life.

Mongolia Student 2019