Landlocked Kyrgyzstan has wonderful snow-capped mountains surrounding the world’s second largest alpine lake, the ‘Pearl of Central Asia’, Lake Issyk Kul. Its meadows are home to semi-nomadic, yurt-dwelling shepherds who roam the jailoos (summer pastures).

  • Temperature: 18-32°C
  • Continental climate
  • Cold winters
  • Glaciers
  • Azure alpine lakes
  • fabulous gorges
  • Normadic heritage
  • Eagle hunters
  • Traditional horse games


Experience the amazing culture on offer including meeting a traditional Kyrgyz eagle hunter, visiting nomadic herders, watching local horsemen and wondering at local bazaars.

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After completing this expedition, I realized I was strong enough and capable to do anything I set my mind to. I over came a lot on my trip and being there interacting with the locals, making new friends and experiencing new things really brought me out of my shell.

Student 2019