Iceland, ‘the land of fire and ice’, with stunning volcanoes and glaciers. The landscape is wild and characterised by waterfalls, geysers, lava fields and black sand beaches. There is amazing wildlife including arctic foxes, seals, whales and an abundance of birdlife.

  • Temperature: 9-14 °C
  • Subarctic climate
  • Summer midnight sun
  • Powerful waterfalls
  • impressive glaciers
  • Aurorae Borealis
  • Environmentally aware
  • Believe in trolls
  • Eat lots of seafood


Visit colourful Reykjavik and take in the sights including whale watching. Wonder at geysers, thermal springs and have lunch inside a volcano! Sample traditional Icelandic cuisine.

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The trip allowed me to develop as a person and I feel more confident and ready to face the world now! It’s also made me want to travel and given me the confidence to do that.

Student 2019