School Expeditions

Bespoke Expeditions and Educational Trips

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Terra Nova Expedition Services provide tailor made frontier experiences for schools and young people. Each expedition is planned from scratch with an emphasis on high end delivery in the field. The expeditions are planned to make a difference to both the young people that travel; to the wilderness areas they venture to, and to the communities they interact with.

Our territorial limits are worldwide, yet each destination is carefully chosen by Terra Nova Expedition Services in consultation with the school and its requirements.

Expeditions focus on three core elements; frontier wilderness experiences, geographical and scientific discovery and projects that change lives.

Expeditions leave the UK following an extensive training and preparation period, with an emphasis on ensuring each participant is fully prepared for their journey.

Why you should organise a school expedition

Benefits to students:

Our expeditions have a real focus on personal development and we encourage our participants to take an active role in leading the expedition. Participants have key roles within their teams which will enable them to learn new transferable key skills;

Practical Skills 

Students will experience the wider world, learning about the community and culture of different places giving them an expanded world view. They will learn what it means to be a part of a team and build a stronger student-teacher relationship. Students, depending where they go, will learn new skills like canoeing or trekking.

Personal Development

An expedition experience builds self-esteem, self-awareness and determination. Going on an expedition will create lifelong memories that students (and teachers) will cherish forever. Students will gain a new found confidence which will help set them up for the future. 

How you organise a school expedition

We work with you to build a programme suitable for your school and it’s requirements. 

  1. Contact us to have a chat about which destinations and trip focus you might like to have.
  2. We will arrange to visit you in school for a deeper discussion about your potential itinerary.
  3. We then build your tailor made expedition itinerary to suit your needs.
  4. You will then need to discuss this with your senior leadership team to approve the trip.
  5. Once approved we will host a launch assembly for the expedition in school and then to parents.
  6. Your expedition manager will be on board to help you throughout the whole process and will communicate all expedition information directly to students and parents.

I wanted an adventure, something I could remember for the rest of my life, this expedition really completed this for me. The whole trip was incredibly rewarding, even when I thought I couldn’t continue I pushed through and it was the best decision I ever made and I have definitely developed as a person after this experience.

Azerbaijan Student