Safety and Support

We’ve got you covered!

Adventurous activities and expeditions involve elements of inherent risk by their very nature. We do all that we can to minimise those risks and offer safety and support to people travelling with us by following our policies and procedures along with the points below;

Government recommendations and assessments

We operate in line with the latest Foreign Commonwealth Office travel advice. We recommend you also keep up to date with the travel advice, we will be helping you along the way but it is important you can access impartial information. You can sign up for email alerts from the Foreign Commonwealth Office about your destination.

We comply with British Standard 8848 and are visited by external inspectors each year. We have regular voluntary inspections from the licensing authorities and are continually working to improve and develop our policies and procedures.

Insurance and medical

We have comprehensive medical and political evacuation insurance available to all travelling with us. All of our leaders have a wilderness outdoor first aid qualification as a minimum, so you are in good hands. Our Expedition Doctor is not only on call throughout the expedition period but also here to give you any advice over medical concerns you may have prior to the expedition.

Knowledge is power!

We have a specialist Technical Advisor who supports the planning and preparation for our expeditions. Our pre-departure training is comprehensive, covers risk awareness, emergency scenarios and procedures. It is tailored to cover your specific expedition e.g. if you are wild camping in country we will be undertaking wild camping in your pre-departure training. We have knowledgeable in country representatives who are known to us.

Always there if you need us!

We effectively manage risks and implement risk controls. We have an on call team 24/7 throughout training events and your expedition. This team comprises of our key decision makers, our company CEO, Expedition Doctor, Technical Advisor and your Expedition Manager to ensure that we can manage any calls quickly and safely.

Don’t just take our word for it!

In order to operate expeditions overseas we are assessed by the Young Explorers’ Trust (YET), which is a competent, external and independent “other party” that assess the conformity of Terra Nova Expedition Services to British Standard 8848. We are licensed by the Adventure Activities Licensing Authority (AALA) which ensures that we follow good safety management practices during UK based adventurous activities.