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Want to know a bit more about us… at Terra Nova Expedition Services we offer adventurous expeditions and logistic support. Each Expedition is bespoke and planned from scratch with an emphasis on high end delivery in the field. Our expeditions are planned to make a difference to both the people that travel; to the wilderness areas they venture to, and to the communities they interact with.

At Terra Nova Expedition Services we believe in offering unique personal development experiences and travel to those parts of the world where few others have been. We encourage the participants to take an active role in leading the expedition. They will have key roles within their teams which will enable them to learn new transferable key skills

Terra Nova Expedition Services Ltd. is based in the heart of Derbyshire. Our experienced team have led and organised a wealth of expeditions for both school and adult trips.

We are able to offer a personalised service, creating bespoke itineraries  suited to the group. We ensure that we have the right expedition leader to suit your team, who are knowledgeable about the expedition destination. If you require support picking a destination that is right for you, we also have a catalog of expedition itineraries. These will help guide you and we will offer advise on what destination would be best suited to you and your team.

Terra Nova Expedition Services is the sister company of Terra Nova Equipment. They are a highly respected manufacturer of expedition kit, whose heritage is in mountain tents which are still a regular site on Everest and at the Poles.


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The whole trip was a new experience with new people on our team, but also in the community, which is what made it so exciting. The feeling of actually having an impact was also very fulfilling.

Uganda Student